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Talent and Recruitment Specialist

Having worked in the Animation industry as both a 3D Artist and Recruitment Specialist for 14 years I am experienced on both sides of the table. I understand the industry, process and most importantly - The people and their talent. I work with big VFX houses or small agencies and can grow your team to deliver quality for TV and Film. Crewing up for large features or episodic productions through developing recruitment strategies for growth resulting in the right talent for the matched role.

Responsible for finding new and established talent in the VFX/Animation industry along with guiding career progression at all levels and growing individuals towards professional goals. I love to Identify core skill sets and structuring talent across the production of VFX + Animation for Film and TV.

My experience in training and development can develop your talent internally with bespoke programmes tailored to your needs. I am available for flexible periods reactive to immediate needs or can work over a longer consultancy period for the long term goals of your company and talent requirements. 

You can also find me at regular industry events looking ahead to promote diversity and equality within the VFX + Animation work environment core values I apply to my work ethic and ethos.



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